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Kyo No Oto Fountain Pen Ink - Ochiguriiro

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It refers to the color that represents the reddish brown color of the chestnuts that have fallen. In "Genji Monogatari", there is a statement, "Ao-blunt slender attack, Ochiguri, somehow, a hakama tool that can be enjoyed by old people ...", and it was a favorite color at that time. understand.

Dye ink
Part number: KO-0110
Capacity: 40ml
JAN: 4573356130401

Uses: Fountain pens, pens, brushes


[About the Kyo no Oto series]

"Kyoto no Oto" is a series of writing inks that reproduce the traditional Japanese colors used since the Heian period with modern techniques and interpretations. Each color features a unique name and story.

It is a dye ink originally developed by "Kyoto Kusaki Dyeing Research Institute" consisting of dyeing and weaving experts and TAG STATIONERY.

It is a characteristic ink that makes use of the gradation of shades that utilizes the bleeding that is characteristic of dyes.

〇Dye ink is soluble in water, so you can use it for various expressions such as "blurring" with a pen after writing with ink or stretching the color lightly.


Kyoto Kusaki Dyeing Research Institute
Research on domestic and foreign dyeing and weaving culture, from ancient Japanese dyeing, weaving and kimono, and related customs, techniques and hobbies such as plant dyeing, to modern dyeing and weaving craft art, and modeling expression using fibers called fiber art. It is carried out.

Research Advisor: Seiichiro Takahashi
"Aizen Origami Shibori"
"Synthetic Dye Technique"
Many books such as dyeing and weaving and living company
    Kyo No Oto Fountain Pen Ink - Ochiguriiro

    Kyo No Oto Fountain Pen Ink - Ochiguriiro