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Yamamoto Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection

VENDOR: Yamamoto


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"Fountain Pen Friendly Paper collection" is a sample book that is included 18 kinds of paper recommended for the fountain pen. And Yamamoto researched about each paper. About history, Interview with the person concerned, Prospects for the future. You can learn each paper by reading "Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection".

5 sheets each. It is bound by padding compound, so you can cut pages one by one.
The major problems when writing by the fountain pen are "feathering", "bleeding", and "drying time". Yamamoto spent a lot of time doing writing tests with several types of nibs, fountain pens and inks to find the right paper for the fountain pen. And at last, Yamamoto selected 18 types of paper that passed our writing test and were particularly interesting.

When you do a written test from a paper perspective, the "nib type" and "ink composition" are particularly affected. 1. Type of nib: Even if the same ink is used, the "drying time", "bleeding condition", and "through-through condition" differ depending on the amount of ink that comes out of the pen tip. In Yamamoto's written test, they used fine / medium / bold, glass pens, and calligraphy dip pens. There were many cases where "fine and medium characters are fine, but bold characters cause blurring." 2. Ink type: Even if the same pen tip is used, the "drying time", "bleeding condition", and "through-through condition" differ depending on the ink type. There were many cases in which "blue and black inks of the same manufacturer have no problem, but red and pink inks cause bleeding."

The 18 types selected this time are papers that can be used relatively almighty. There is a wide variety of paper such as thin paper, rough-skinned paper, translucent paper, and watermarked paper. Please use this "fountain pen recommendation sample book" to find a paper that matches your fountain pen and ink.

No.2 Tomoe River
No.3 Tomoe River Cream
No.4 New Chiffon Cream
No.5 Cosmo Air Light
No.6 35NFC
No.7 Glassine
No.8 Halftone Color 99 White
No.9 Kin Kaku Den
No.10 Bank Paper
No.11 Spica Bond
No.12 Champion Copy
No.13 Typewriter Paper
No.14 Air Mail Bond White
No.15 Passepied Cream
No.16 Eastory COC
No.17 OK Fools
No.18 Colored woodfree paper Black

Size: A4 (210x297mm)

All 108pages ( 18x5 sheets each + 18 sheets stories )



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David B. (British Columbia, Canada)
Great way to sample different papers

An amazing way to sample several types of paper. 5 sheets of 18 different papers as well as a description of each paper. You can try different inks with different pens to find the perfect match. Greet purchase!

Yamamoto Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection

Yamamoto Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection